A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Six new moths for the year

Having seen a probable in flight a few days earlier it was good to confirm a day-flying Magpie Moth at Ryburgh on Thursday 3rd August.  There were 2 Banded Demoiselles and a Black-tailed Skimmer here, along with Green-veined White, Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshell and Comma.

Small Tortoiseshell and Comma, Ryburgh, 3rd August

That night produced 6 new moths for the garden year list: Daisy Bent-wing Bucculatrix nigricomella, Hawthorn Midget Phyllonorycter corylifoliella, Least Yellow Underwing, Square-spotted Clay, White-point and Marbled Beauty.

Hawthorn Midget Phyllonorycter corylifoliella, North Elmham, 3rd August

Square-spotted Clay, North Elmham, 3rd August

White-point, North Elmham, 3rd August

Marbled Beauty, North Elmham, 3rd August

The rest of the moths were 2 Carrion Moths Monopis weaverella, Sloe Midget Phyllonorycter spinicolella, 2 Red Birch Midgets Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella, Golden Argent Argyresthia goedartella, Bird-cherry Ermine Yponomeuta evonymella, Little Ermel Swammerdamia pyrella, Hedge Case-bearer Coleophora striatipennella, Little Dwarf Elachista canapennella, Long-horned Flat-body Carcina quercana, Common Flat-body Agonopterix heracliana, Dark Groundling Bryotropha affinis, 2 Cinereous Groundlings Bryotropha terrella, 5 Dingy Dowds Blastobasis adustella, Hook-marked Straw Moth Agapeta hamana, Dark-triangle Button Acleris laterana, 3 Marbled Piercers Cydia splendana, 17 Pearl Veneers Agriphila straminella, 2 Common Grass-veneers Agriphila tristella, Pearl Grass-veneer Catoptria pinella, Garden Pebble Evergestis forficalis, Chequered Straw Evergestis pallidata, 7 Mother of Pearls Pleuroptya ruralis, Pebble Hook-tip, Blood-vein, 2 Single-dotted Waves, 2 Riband Waves, 2 Flame Carpets, 3 Red Twin-spot Carpets, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, Common Carpet, Yellow Shell, 2 Magpie Moths, 2 Brimstone Moths, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Coxcomb Prominent, Brown-tail, Yellow-tail, 2 Dingy Footmen, Shuttle-shaped Dart, 6 Flame Shoulders, 4 Large Yellow Underwings, 5 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings, 2 Setaceous Hebrew Characters, 4 Common Rustics, 2 Lesser Common Rustics (and another Common Rustic agg.), Rustic and 11 Straw Dots.

Golden Argent Argyresthia goedartella, North Elmham, 3rd August

Lacewings consisted of just Chrysoperla carnea (2 confirmed males and 3 aggregate females).  Caddisflies included Cyrnus flavidus and Hydropsyche siltalai.

Cyrnus flavidus (male), North Elmham, 3rd August

Leafhoppers included Empoasca vitis and a Kybos sp.  The last time I recorded a Kybos leafhopper I speculated that it was likely betulicola but this time armed with a bit more information I was able to narrow it down to either virgator, strigilifer or calyculus (females of these three are not identifiable to species level).

Kybos virgator, strigilifer or calcyculus (female), North Elmham, 3rd August

Beetles included my second identified Harpalus rufipes and a Nut Weevil Curculio nucum.

Harpalus rufipes, North Elmham, 3rd August

Nut Weevil Curculio nucum, North Elmham, 3rd August

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